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Historic York, a meeting place for over 2,000 years, and a walled city packed with historic & cultural architecture and attractions.

Hailed as Britain’s most culturally-rich city and famed for its glorious architecture, historic York has more visitor attractions per square mile than any other city in the UK.

The seat of Cardinal Wolsey at Cawood Castle or the imposing Selby Abbey dating back to 1069 provides a wealth of heritage to visit in the area.


Having been invaded by both the Romans and the Vikings, their influence has left its mark and can still be seen in the many preserved sites around the city. The medieval past comes to life in the narrow cobblestone streets and snickleways.


Cawood Castle - Cardinal Wolsey

Cawood Caslte. once the seat of the Cardinal Wolsey Archbishop of York, until Henry XIII had him called to London and arrested enroute.

It is a short walk along the riverbank from the barns.

Selby Abbey

1069 Selby Abbey was founded. One of the most defining honours conferred on the Abbey was the grant of the Mitre. This was bestowed on 31st May, 1256. After 1256 Selby was therefore a “Mitred Abbey,” an honour which it shared in the north with St Mary’s Abbey, York.

War of the Roses - Towton Battlefield

It’s Palm Sunday and on this day in 1461 one of the bloodiest battles of the Wars of the Roses at Towton. The two rival Kings were Henry VI of the House of Lancaster and Edward IV of the House of York and on that day the future of their dynasties would be decided.

Contact the Towton Battlefield Society for guided walks.


York Minster

The infamous York Minster with it’s Great East Window standing at 78 feet tall. At about the size of a tennis court, the 311-panelled window is the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in Britain and regarded as one of the great pre-Renaissance treasures of European art.

The York City Walls

At 3.4km long, the city’s Bar Walls are the longest and best preserved town walls in England.

Haunted York

Voted the most haunted city in Europe, York boasts nightly Ghost Walks at a number of sites around the city.  Steeped in history, there are plenty of ghostly haunts to visit. Why not try the ever popular York Dungeon whilst you are here!

Yorkshire Museums

Something for all interests

York plays host to numerous museums and cultural historic sites including York Minster, Yorkshire Air Museum, The National Railway Museum, Jorvik Viking Centre, The Castle Museum, Cliffords Tower and The Yorkshire Museum to name but a few.

Elvington Air Museum, Eden Camp World War II Museum and the Yorkshire Museum of Farming are all easily accessible.

Country Estates & Gardens

Being located in North Yorkshire, you have access to a whole host of Yorkshire’s beautiful historic estate houses and gardens, including nearby Castle Howard, Harewood House, Newby Hall and Fountains Abbey.

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